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Pallet Jacks

Carolina Material Handling offers an economy-priced pallet jack or pallet lifter that is as tough as the expensive models. This pallet truck is 48” Long x 27” Wide. Holds 5,500lbs capacity and has a 1-year pump warranty. Equipped with polyurethane load and steer wheels with ball bearings for easy rolling and floor protection. 2.9” Lowered height, 7.25” Raised height.


Best Value in Standard Sized Pallet Jacks

Altra A511 Economy Pallet Jack



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wesco pallet jacks

Wesco Pallet Jacks offer:

2 year pump warranty, Polyurethane load and steer wheels, Overload bypass, Rubber Coated Handle, 7.25” Raised Height, 2.9” Lowered Height, 5,500# Capacity.
Choose from 4 different sizes!

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