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My hobbies are a large part of my life and find myself outdoors most of the time. I thoroughly enjoy my time on the river. Rafting is a fun pass time of mine. I also love riding all terrain vehicles through the woods and on trails. Going to the shooting range for target practice is another hobby of mine. Not only do I enjoy these activities but using digital media is also fun for me.


We installed a Drive-In pallet rack system in Clemmons, NC. We designed this system to solve a current special issue the customer was having with increased quanities of specific SKU’s. With the given floor space and height we were able to come up with an 11 bay wide x 4 pallet position deep system with one rail level. This gave us 88 total 48” x 40” pallet positions rated at 2,500 pounds per position. This doubled the current storage capacity and has allowed the customer to grow without needing to purchase more warehouse space.
Bulk Storage Rack in Clemmons, NC. Used to store Vinyl sheets and sheets of wood. 8’ High x 30” Deep.
This is Pallet Rack in Mocksville, NC. Went with Interlake Mecalux Pallet Racking 14’ High x 42” Deep Tear Drop style uprights. 96” Beams with Wire Decking.
Pallet Rack 8’ High x 36” Deep in Mocksville, NC. Sold to Upscale Hardware and Consignment. Purchased to store products on for sale.

I am a Carolina Panther fan and believe that a super bowl win is just around the corner. I enjoy all football and tend to watch any team as long as there is a game on television. My love for football comes from the enjoyment I receive from staying active and playing the sport as well. I was a football player in high school and still like to pass the pig skin around with my family and friends. When I’m not playing football or doing some shooting at the range, relaxing with family and friends is where I’ll be.

I am from Greensboro and have been in the materials handling business for just over 3 months. While I am new to the material handling business, I have been in customer service for 4 years and know how to handle problems with ease. I always make my customers a top priority

I specialize in casters, special containers, high density shelving systems, pallet rack systems, assembly and project management. My skills as a project manager ensure that everything is done right and things go as smoothly as possible. I make sure that I find the best possible solution for any application to help maintain organization and mobility inside my clients’ facilities. My clients are more than just customers to me, they are my friends.

I specialize in conveyors, pallet racking, casters, hand trucks, shelving and storage bins. Whatever the material, I can help my client find what they need. Carolina Material Handling has a reputation for solving problems and I stand by it 100%.

• Asheville, NC
• Clemmons, NC
• Conover, NC
• Hickory, NC
• Lenoir, NC
• Mount Airy, NC
• Rural Hall, NC
• Spruce Pine, NC
• Waynesville, NC
• Winston-Salem, NC

Materials Handling


Material Handling

After nine years in material handling sales in West Virginia and North Carolina, John L. Middleton came to the decision that his customers’ challenges could be better solved using a variety of material handling products rather than a “forklift truck fixes all” approach. In 1971, he incorporated Carolina Material Handling, Inc and began representing an extensive lineup of nationally acclaimed material handling suppliers as well as stocking a small selection of hand-trucks in his home. Read more.



Carolina Material Handling offers customers a complete line of light duty, medium duty, medium-heavy duty, heavy duty, general and v-groove casters in many different sizes and load capacities. You have the choice of several finish options such as powder coat, steel and plating. When it comes to casters, we have something that is sure to fit all of your needs. Shop

Pallet Racks

Pallet Rack

The profitability of your company is affected by your choice of an industrial shelving supplier. At Carolina Material Handling, we pay close attention to the total costs and only carry pallet racks that are dependable, affordable and leaders in the industry. You should consider some essential factors when determining the best pallet configuration for your warehouse. The types of storage items and inventory should be considered as different loading systems should be matched with specific products. Food products must follow FDA regulations and use approved storage racks. Shop

Conveyors Section

Conveyors Section

Looking for a conveyor solution for your company? Carolina Material Handling has several different conveyor options for you. We carry ball transfer, belt conveyors, roller conveyors, skate wheels and conveyor stands. Your assembly and transporting lines are important to us. We are sure to have a solution for all your industrial needs. Carolina Material Handling keeps your products moving with our selection of conveyors. Whether you need a temporary or permanent conveyor solution, we can help. Give us a call today to discuss your unique needs. Shop

Scissor Lift-Lift Equipment

Scissor Lifts/Lift Equipment

Looking for equipment to help lift oversized loads and maneuver objects too heavy for the unaided human? Carolina Material Handling provides many options including scissor lifts, ergonomic lifts and stackers. You have the choice between different weight capacities, platform size and shapes, and durability. We are sure to have something that meets all your lifting needs. 


Shelving – Wire, Steel

Shelving – Wire, Steel

Whether you are looking for shelving for your business, warehouse or home/garage, Carolina Material Handling has what you need. We carry steel, mobile, wire and rivet shelving. Not sure what type of storage cabinets or shelving units are right for you? Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help. With a wide variety of options, you are sure to find the right shelving units suitable for your needs.  Carolina Material Handling provides modern solutions for all your storage and handling needs.  Shop

Inplant Office – Modular

Inplant Office – Modular Buildings

In need of an office solution for your warehouse but don’t have a lot of space? Consider a modular building, Inplant office, or mezzanine from Carolina Material Handling. We have several options that are sure to solve your space problem for a price you can afford.

We not only offer mezzanines for your company but can help you match your unique design requirements with the right solution. We install mezzanine flooring as well as seamless integration between mezzanines and modular buildings.  Shop

Mezzanines & Work Platforms

Mezzanines & Work Platforms

Looking for a cost-effective way to maximize your space and incease productivity? Let Carolina Material Handling create a mezzanine solution for your space. Our mezzanines cost much less than constructing additional structures and are quicker to set up. Whether you need free-standing platforms with the ability to restructure as needed or a more supported structure, we can create the perfect solution for your workspace.  Shop

Wire Partition/Guardrail

Wire Partition

Have some safety and security issues that need to be resolved in your industrial facility? Carolina Material Handling offers wire partitions, guard rails and wire cages to solve your safety problems. We have many choices to better suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a safety railing system, a security system for separation or a tool crib, we can help. Our wire partitions are also used to build cages and enclosures on industrial facility floors.  Shop

Installation Services

Installation Services

Where do you start when it comes to installing your new mezzanine or conveyor belt? Carolina Material Handling not only offers equipment, inplant offices and pallet racks, but we also install them for you as well. Our industrial installation services allow you to deal with one company from beginning to end which cuts down on downtime and pricing. Our installation of mezzanines will minimize downtime and ensure OSHA compliance. Read More

Drum Handling

Drum Handling

Looking for something to help you lift, move, dispense, rack, stack, rotate, palletize, or pour your drums and barrels? Carolina Material Handling offers a wide variety of drum handling equipment to assist you in transporting your barrels. Whether you need a drum lifter, dolly or truck, we’ve got you covered.  All equipment is designed to make your job easier.  Shop

Fluid Handling

Fluid Handling

Need to cut fluid handling costs, prevent accidents, and increase productivity and efficiency? Are you ready to eliminate heavy drums and the challanges that come with moving and storing them? Carolina Material Handling offers the best in fluid storage and handling equipment. If you’re looking for a lighter and more mobile alternative for working with oil, lubricants, and other fluids, we have the ideal solution.  Shop

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